In regards to the implementation of the new Grow Healthy standards, will my ABC monitor need to observe a planned indoor physical activity and/or a nutritional lesson for all age groups during my ABC visit?



The ABC Grow Healthy standards require that all Level B providers adopt standards addressing physical activity and proper nutrition. The specific standards that your question addresses are related to classroom activities for these 2 standards.  Based on the age of the children in the classroom, caregivers should be planning activities that support children’s movement, increased physical activity and knowledge of proper nutrition.  These activities should be meaningful and targeted to the specific developmental levels of children in that classroom.  For example, in a toddler classroom the caregiver talks about the food they are eating and how vegetables have vitamins and are good for a growing body.  The intent of these items is to build on children’s knowledge about nutrition and their bodies in relevant and meaningful ways. 

During the ABC review, the assessor will be observing for instances where caregivers initiate physical activity indoors or share ideas about nutrition. If none of these instances are observed, then the assessor will look at the daily schedule or interview the caregiver for further information about these practices. 

In order to receive credit for these items in the 0-2 ABC standards, the caregiver should explain how he/she provides for children to be physically active indoors and outdoors. 

In order to receive credit for these items in the 3-5 and 6-12 standards, the caregiver should explain how he/she plans brief activities in which children can be physically active indoors twice a day (i.e.: music and movement during group time). In addition, the caregiver must explain how he/she provides opportunities to learn about nutrition at least once a week (discussion of vitamins in vegetables during a snack of carrot sticks and low-fat cheese cubes).