questionHello! My son has a diary allergy/ intolerance. He is almost 12 months old so we are transitioning from formula to a milk substitute. His pediatrician wants him on almond milk. But daycare will not let me bring almond milk because they are a nut free facility. What is the actual regulation for nut free facilities, almond milk, and children who have a dairy allergy?Thank you!

answerSouth Regulation child care regulation 114-508A (10) states written permission/instruction for dietary modifications signed by the child’s health care provider or parent/legal guardian is required. Regulation 114-508A (1)(c), states only Grade A Pasteurized fluid milk and fluid milk products may be given to any child less than 24 months old, except with a written permission from the child’s health provider. South Carolina child care regulations do not address nut free facilities. However, the regulations do address that the child care provider needs written permission from a child’s health care provider to serve any alternatives to Grade A Pasteurized fluid milk.