In our work, we encourage caregivers to take and post photographs of the children at play, with the stipulation that they obtain written permission from the children’s parents. One of the caregivers I work with is under the impression that posting photographs is not acceptable to her monitors (she isn’t sure whether it’s DSS or ABC). What are DSS’s guidelines for photography?



Taking photographs of children and then posting them in the facility is not a violation of child care regulations. The impression that posting photographs of children is not acceptable is probably an extension of the need to protect the children and their identities. It may also be an extension of our policy of not photographing children when we conduct inspections that require photographs of deficiencies. Child care providers are required by regulation to keep personal information about the children and their families confidential. A facility may enter into agreements with parents regarding this issue, and it is not uncommon for facilities to present parents with written permission forms upon enrollment. There is also a very positive aspect to photographing children while in care. Parents experience separation anxiety because they have to leave their children in the care of someone else. Seeing pictures of their children happily engaged in play or other activities can go a long way to alleviate that anxiety.