New TablelrHunter’s Ridge Child Care Center in Myrtle Beach, S.C., embraces SCPITC’s recommendations for caring for infants and toddlers. Using their $500 materials grant from SCPITC, the one-year-old classroom at Hunter’s Ridge was able to purchase a child-appropriate table and chairs. Their teacher, Robin, says the new furniture has not only made meal times easier, but the children are also using the table to sit and read books and complete puzzles. The children are enjoying being able to get into and out of the chairs independently. Having an environment that is appropriately sized is an important part of healthy development.


Hunters Ridge Pooped OutlrThis little one was exhausted during learning center time at Hunter’s Ridge Child Care Center in Myrtle Beach. Rather than insist she wait until “nap time,” the teacher made an area for her to rest while the children continued their learning through play. This is an example of implementing SCPITC’s individual care policy by putting each child’s individual needs first, rather than strictly adhering to the center’s scheduled activities.



Hunters Ridge When I Play I Learn BoardlrIn an effort to show parents the importance of play, the two-year-old class at Hunter’s Ridge Child Care Center in Myrtle Beach has created a “When I Play I Learn” bulletin board and has displayed it on their classroom door. Using South Carolina’s Infant & Toddler Guidelines, the care teachers have created captions explaining the specific learning taking place as children play.