SCPITC is proud to partner with the following agencies:


Child Care Licensing

Left to right: Bob Howard, Program Manager; Leigh Bolick, Director, Child Care Services; April McDaniel, Regional Supervisor, Region II; Peggy Wilson, Regional Supervisor, Region IV;Frankie Peterson, Training Coordinator; Gary Rice, Program Manager; Cynthia Lara, Director; Linda Allen, Regional Supervisor, Region I.


Child Care Center for Career Development (CCCCD)

Left to right: Suzanne McGougan, Credential and Technical Assistance Coordinator; Becky Dixon, Training Coordinator; Mickie Jennings, Training Coordinator.


Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Left to right: Alisa Pickett, Program Coordinator; Debora Marion, Program Coordinator; Donna Davis, Program Supervisor; Greta Avery, Program Supervisor.


SC Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R)

Back row, left to right: Beatrice Geiger, CCR&R Manager, Midlands CCR&R; Herman Knopf, PhD, Executive Director, SC CCR&R Network, USC Associate Professor; Hall West, CCR&R Specialist, Trident CCR&R; Bonnye Hughes, CCR&R Specialist, Midlands CCR&R; Deanna Woodberry, CCR&R Specialist, Sumter CCR&R; Alleen Porter, CCR&R Specialist, Trident CCR&R; Anastasia Spann, CCR&R Specialist, Sumter CCR&R; Angie Gleaton, CCR&R Manager, Sumter CCR&R; Helen Barnes, CCR&R Specialist, Midlands CCR&R; Jennifer Williams, CCR&R Specialist, Midlands CCR&R.
Front row, left to right: Sherrie Dueno, CCR&R Manager, Greenville CCR&R; Linda Daughtry, CCR&R Specialist, Greenville CCR&R; Kathie Boling, Director, SC CCR&R Network; Teresa Phillips, CCR&R Specialist, Greenville CCR&R; Cathleen Cullen, CCR&R Specialist, Trident CCR&R.


SC Child Care Inclusion Collaborative

Left to right: Heather Googe, PhD, Program Director, SC Inclusion Collaborative; Leigh Bolick, Director, SC Child Care Services (DSS); Karen Johnson, TA Specialist, SC Inclusion Collaborative; Herman Knopf, PhD, Executive Director, SC Inclusion Collaborative; Carrie Trivedi, TA Specialist, SC Inclusion Collaborative.


ABC Grow Healthy

Left to right: Beverly Hunter, Program Manager, ABC Child Care; Misty Pearson, Early Childhood Coordinator, DHEC; Leigh Bolick, Director, SC Child Care Services; Greta Avery, Program Supervisor, CACFP.


ABC Child Care Program

Back row left to right: Melissa Heston, Program Coordinator II; Bridget Hinson, Program Coordinator II; Ginger Miller, Program Coordinator II; Beverly Hunter, Program Manager; Toy Pilot, Program Coordinator II; Myrna Turner, Program Coordinator II; Alyson Wissinger, Program Coordinator II; Sherry Smith, Program Coordinator II; Leigh Bolick, Director; Front row left to right: Debbie Acos, Program Coordinator II; Noelle McInerney, Program Manager; Lori Gardner, Program Coordinator II; Elaine Justice-Boyd, Program Coordinator II; Sharon Johnson, Program Coordinator II; Ronda Steward, Program Coordinator II; Shelah Peoples, Program Coordinator II; Cyndi Moyd, Program Coordinator II.


University of South Carolina (USC)

Left to right: Angela Baum, PhD, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education; Nancy Freeman, PhD, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education.