questionIs there a regulation or guideline that stipulates how often a bottle needs to be replaced for an infant in a licensed facility?


Thank you for your question regarding any guidelines on how often a bottle needs to be replaced.

The DSS Regulations of a child care facility have several regulations regarding feeding, eating and drinking for infants and toddlers and they are listed below.

Regulation 114-509A(3)

(a) cups and bottles shall be labeled with the child’s name and used only by that child.

(b) infants shall be fed in accordance with the time schedule, specific food and beverage items and quantities as specified by the parent.

(c) infants shall be held while being bottled fed until they are able to hold their own bottles. Bottles shall not be propped or given in cribs or on mats.

(d) Microwaving of breastmilk, formulas, or other beverages is prohibited. If used, crock pots, bottle warmers, or other electronic devices must be in an area not accessible to children.

(e) all warmed bottles shall be shaken well and the temperature tested before feeding to a child.

(f) baby formula, juice, and food served in a bottle shall be prepared, ready to feed, identified, and packaged for single use for the appropriate user. Any excess formula, juice, or food shall be discarded after each feeding. Formula, juice, and food requiring refrigeration shall be maintained at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

(g) infants and toddlers shall not sleep with bottles in their mouth.

(h) toddlers shall be offered water routinely throughout the day.

(i) breast milk and formula shall be dated and labeled with the child’s name and refrigerated until ready to use.

(j) food for infants shall be cut in pieces one-quarter inch or less.

(k) food for toddlers shall be cut in pieces one-half inch or less.

Thank you and please let us know if you have further questions.