questionIs it legal for us to use tables with the chair connected in the table?

answerIf I am interpreting your question correctly, you are asking if regulations prevent the use of table and chair combinations. Not being a lawyer, I cannot offer you legal advice, but I can tell you what the regulations say about furniture in South Carolina child care centers. Furniture must be safe, and in order to ensure it is safe, it must be developmentally and size appropriate. It must be clean and free of hazards, and it must meet the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You should only use furniture if it fits that description, and you should never modify it or use it in an manner not intended by the manufacturer.

So, do regulations prevent the use of tables with the chair connected? I would only be able to answer your question to your complete satisfaction if I knew exactly what table and chair combinations you use, but I have seen many “feeding tables” with chairs in them that met all of those conditions I described. My best advice would be for you to apply the same descriptions to your tables and chairs and discontinue their use if they do not completely match the descriptions.