questionIf I wanted to become a licensed childcare provider can I have children of different ages in the same room? I was thinking of building on to my house and I was just wondering if I chose to have this add on are there any reasons why I couldn’t put certain ages in the same room together.

answerIn-home child care providers in South Carolina are limited to 5 or 6 children, depending upon which municipality in which you live. Some cities and counties allow no more than 5 children, and some allow 6 children. We are required by law to adhere to local zoning ordinances when we issue a license. You would also be required to count your own children through 11 years of age. Because the number is restricted to 5 or 6, most people do not add onto their homes before opening. As for your question about caring for children of different ages in the same room. It is allowed due to the small group sizes. If you are considering opening a child care facility of any kind, the best recommendation I can give you is to contact Child Care Licensing at 803-898-9020 and ask for the number to the regional office of Child Care Licensing that serves the county where you reside. They will invite you to attend an orientation you will find to be very beneficial. You may also visit our website at to answer many of your questions.