questionI have a question about training hours. I know that employees are required to have 15 credit hours per year. But, how does it work for new hires? Say someone is hired in August. How many hours are they required for that year? Thank You.


Thank you for your question regarding training hours. Please see the following chart describing pro-rated training hours for directors and caregivers in centers and faith-based facilities:

Hire Date Director Caregiver
January 1 – February 28 20 hours 15 hours
March 1 – April 30 17 hours 12 hours
May 1 – June 30 15 hours 10 hours
July 1 – August 31 12 hours 7 hours
September 1 – October 31 10 hours 5 hours
November 1 – December 31 5 hours 2 hours

Blood Borne Pathogens must be completed yearly, even if the caregiver starts during the year. Thank you and please let us know if you have any further questions.