1. Serve as a licensed facility, in good standing with the SC Department of Social Services, Child Care Licensing and ABC Quality;
  2. Be at least a Level B program in ABC Quality;
  3. Successfully complete SCPITC Service Plan;
  4. Use an electronic record keeping system and maintain an active email address;
  5. Enroll a minimum of 25 children spanning the birth to 36 month age-range;
  6. Have a minimum of five full-time, permanent infant/toddler care-teachers who regularly serve children under 36 months;
  7. Program Director has served the program in that role for at least two years;
  8. Program is designated as Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care or is ready to pursue the designation; and
  9. Program participates in the SCPITC Peer Mentor-Teacher Network or is ready to identify teacher(s) to participate in the next training group.

To learn more, please contact SCPITC at 888-811-2018 or scpitc@musc.edu.