We have a 6 month old in our class who never stops crying and will never look me in the eye. He also does not seem interested in rolling over or starting to scooch around. Mom says the Dr. is not worried but I am. Any thoughts?
Physicians don’t always get an opportunity to observe the child in the detailed manner that his or her child care teacher would. Day to day care gives you insights that a brief physician’s visit might not offer. While it can be difficult to share concerns with parents, you as the teacher have lots of valuable information and insight to share with the child’s family.  Schedule a meeting with the parents in a private place and at a time when you won’t be interrupted.Start by asking them about their concerns and really listen to them. It’s always good to share positive comments about the child’s strengths before discussing concerns.  Information from developmental milestones checklists or screeners might be helpful so that the parents will know what is expected of a six month old. Also offer them resources such as information and support for a referral to early intervention. By sharing your concerns you may help to confirm  the parent’s own suspicions and help them begin the process of getting help for their child.