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Group size is limited to no more than eight babies, with at least one teacher for every three children. Each infant is assigned to a primary caregiver, allowing for strong bonds to form and so each teacher can get to know a few babies and families very well.

Teachers show warmth and support to infants throughout the day; they make eye contact and talk to them about what is going on.

Teachers are alert to babies’ cues; they hold infants or move them to a new place or position, giving babies variety in what they can look at and do.

Teachers pay close attention and talk and sing with children during routines such as diapering, feeding, and dressing.

Teachers talk, sing, and read to babies, enabling infants to become familiar with language and ultimately to recognize words and sounds.

Babies eat and sleep when they are most comfortable doing so. Teachers consider infants’ individual preferences for food and styles of eating.

Teachers follow standards for health and safety, including proper hand washing to limit the spread of infectious disease.

Teachers can see and hear infants at all times.

Parents and teachers share children’s activities and development on a daily basis, building mutual understanding and trust. Teachers welcome parents to drop by the home or center at any time.

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