My daughter is 2 and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. She is doing really well and we are ready to put her in a child care center near our house. I am worried that they may not be willing to enroll her. Should I call to see if they take children with special needs before I stop by?
Congratulations on your decision to place your child in child care. Your child will benefit greatly from high quality inclusive care.  Definitely share your child’s diagnosis with the provider but the fact that she has Down Syndrome should not be a barrier to participation in chld care. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, most child care programs must enroll a child with a disability if the child’s disability does not pose a real safety threat or require complicated medical care. Children with Down Syndrome are usually easily accommodated in an inclusive setting—information and team work are the key. So be open with your provider about your child’s special needs and work with them to provide the support she needs in order to be successful.