questionHi Charlene,

Today was our 3.5 month old son’s first day at a daycare facility. When touring this facility we were assured they would follow the schedule we have outlined for his feeding, wake time, and sleep, but we learned today that the staff will not put a baby into a crib unless they are already sleeping. In other words, the baby has to fall asleep on the floor before being put into a crib. When we questioned this practice, we were told the policy is in place to follow SCDSS regulations. Is this true?

I understand we are VERY new to leaving our infant son in daycare and that there could be a good reason behind such a policy, but are they interpreting it correctly?

Many thanks in advance for your expertise!

answerThank you for your question regarding infant’s schedules. Child Care Center DSS Regulation 114-509A(1)(a) states: Children shall not remain in their cribs or play equipment for other than sleeping and specific, short time-limited quiet play.

This regulation is to limit child care centers allowing infants and toddlers to stay in cribs all day without any stimulation and nurturing. This regulation regarding stimulation and nurturing also requires facilities to routinely hold, talk to, rock, caress, carry, nurture, read to, sing to, and play with infants and toddlers throughout the day as stated in 114-509A(1)(b). The center should have a plan to place the child in the crib when sleepy and if the child doesn’t fall asleep while in the crib, then the center shall remove the child for either some type of caregiver nurturing or tummy time on the floor.

Please let us know if you have further questions.