Step 8 Recommended Resources

Step 8 Recommended Resources

Graphite-download-icon  8.1 Infant Feeding Plan

Graphite-download-icon  8.2 Infant Feeding: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Graphite-download-icon  8.3 NC Division of Public Health Nutrition Services Branch – Help Me Be Healthy Birth to Six Months

Graphite-download-icon  8.4 American Academy of Pediatrics – Switching to Solid Foods

Graphite-download-icon  8.5 USDA, Food and Nutrition Service – Feeding Infants: A Guide for Use in the Child Nutrition Programs

Graphite-download-icon  8.6 National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education – Standard General Plan for Feeding Infants

Graphite-download-icon  8.8 SC CACFP Reimbursement Information

Graphite-download-icon  8.9 CACFP: Infant Meal Pattern Fact Sheet

Graphite-download-icon  8.10 CACFP: Let’s Compare: Old and New Infant Meal Patterns

Graphite-download-icon  8.11 Feeding Cues

Graphite-download-icon  8.12 Working Together: Breastfeeding and Solid Foods

Graphite-download-icon  8.13 AAP Solid Foods Print Fact Sheet

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