Step 6 Recommended Resources

Step 6 Recommended Resources

Graphite-download-icon  6.1 “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” Poster

Graphite-download-icon  6.2 Our Child Care Center Supports Breastfeeding Poster

Graphite-download-icon  6.3 Our Child Care Center Supports Breastfeeding Handout

Graphite-download-icon  6.4 South Carolina Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) – Natural Nutrition

Graphite-download-icon  6.4.1 Breastfeed for the Best Start

Graphite-download-icon  6.4.2 Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Graphite-download-icon  6.5 – Its Only Natural for African American Women and Families

Graphite-download-icon  6.6 USDA – Loving Support Makes Breastfeeding Work

Graphite-download-icon  6.7.1 Ad Council Posters – FeatureBreastfeedingAd1

Graphite-download-icon  6.7.2 Ad Council Posters – FeatureBreastfeedingAd2

Graphite-download-icon  6.7.3 Ad Council Posters – FeatureBreastfeedingAd3

Graphite-download-icon  6.8 Breastmilk has More of What Babies Need – Infographic Flyer – California WIC

Graphite-download-icon  6.9 Babies Were Born to Breastfeed – Massachusetts WIC

Graphite-download-icon  6.10 Latch on NYC Posters – NYC Health Department

Graphite-download-icon  6.11 Breastfeeding: Its Not Just About the Milk –

Graphite-download-icon  6.12 Ten More Reasons to Breastfeed – ILCA

Graphite-download-icon  6.13 USDA Feeding Infantsin the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Graphite-download-icon  6.14 WIC Handout – Embracing Motherhood

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