questionI was wanting to know if cribs were allowed in our toddler room. We have parents who have requested that their one year old stay in cribs and not be on a mat. Unfortunately, at one year old, the child will move from our baby room and into our toddler room which only has mats for nap time. We are considering putting cribs in our toddler room but wanted to make sure that it was allowed and would still be considered a toddler room or if we would have to call it an infant room. Thanks for any help.

answerUsing CPSC compliant cribs in the toddler room is perfectly acceptable under South Carolina regulations for child care. We currently require the use of cribs until an infant turns one year old. After that, it would be at the discretion of the child care provider. Recommendations for best practice are that infants should remain in cribs until they are two years old, but we all know that many of them will be climbing out of a crib by then. If you have cribs that can be adjusted, you can lower the mattress to compensate for the climbing skills of the growing child. You can call it a toddler room if you wish because having cribs in a room will not change staff to child ratios.