Representatives from across South Carolina attended the ABC Partners Meeting Jan. 10 at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. The meeting highlighted many programs that seek to improve child care in the state, as well as the latest information on child care guidelines.


Child Care Licensing

Left to right: Bob Howard, Program Manager; Leigh Bolick, Director, Child Care Services; April McDaniel, Regional Supervisor, Region II; Peggy Wilson, Regional Supervisor, Region IV;Frankie Peterson, Training Coordinator; Gary Rice, Program Manager; Cynthia Lara, Director; Linda Allen, Regional Supervisor, Region I.


Child Care Center for Career Development (CCCCD)

Left to right: Suzanne McGougan, Credential and Technical Assistance Coordinator; Becky Dixon, Training Coordinator; Mickie Jennings, Training Coordinator.


Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Left to right: Alisa Pickett, Program Coordinator; Debora Marion, Program Coordinator; Donna Davis, Program Supervisor; Greta Avery, Program Supervisor.


SC Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R)

Back row, left to right: Beatrice Geiger, CCR&R Manager, Midlands CCR&R; Herman Knopf, PhD, Executive Director, SC CCR&R Network, USC Associate Professor; Hall West, CCR&R Specialist, Trident CCR&R; Bonnye Hughes, CCR&R Specialist, Midlands CCR&R; Deanna Woodberry, CCR&R Specialist, Sumter CCR&R; Alleen Porter, CCR&R Specialist, Trident CCR&R; Anastasia Spann, CCR&R Specialist, Sumter CCR&R; Angie Gleaton, CCR&R Manager, Sumter CCR&R; Helen Barnes, CCR&R Specialist, Midlands CCR&R; Jennifer Williams, CCR&R Specialist, Midlands CCR&R.
Front row, left to right: Sherrie Dueno, CCR&R Manager, Greenville CCR&R; Linda Daughtry, CCR&R Specialist, Greenville CCR&R; Kathie Boling, Director, SC CCR&R Network; Teresa Phillips, CCR&R Specialist, Greenville CCR&R; Cathleen Cullen, CCR&R Specialist, Trident CCR&R.


SC Child Care Inclusion Collaborative

Left to right: Heather Googe, PhD, Program Director, SC Inclusion Collaborative; Leigh Bolick, Director, SC Child Care Services (DSS); Karen Johnson, TA Specialist, SC Inclusion Collaborative; Herman Knopf, PhD, Executive Director, SC Inclusion Collaborative; Carrie Trivedi, TA Specialist, SC Inclusion Collaborative.


ABC Grow Healthy

Left to right: Beverly Hunter, Program Manager, ABC Child Care; Misty Pearson, Early Childhood Coordinator, DHEC; Leigh Bolick, Director, SC Child Care Services; Greta Avery, Program Supervisor, CACFP.


ABC Child Care Program

Back row left to right: Melissa Heston, Program Coordinator II; Bridget Hinson, Program Coordinator II; Ginger Miller, Program Coordinator II; Beverly Hunter, Program Manager; Toy Pilot, Program Coordinator II; Myrna Turner, Program Coordinator II; Alyson Wissinger, Program Coordinator II; Sherry Smith, Program Coordinator II; Leigh Bolick, Director; Front row left to right: Debbie Acos, Program Coordinator II; Noelle McInerney, Program Manager; Lori Gardner, Program Coordinator II; Elaine Justice-Boyd, Program Coordinator II; Sharon Johnson, Program Coordinator II; Ronda Steward, Program Coordinator II; Shelah Peoples, Program Coordinator II; Cyndi Moyd, Program Coordinator II.


University of South Carolina (USC)

Left to right: Angela Baum, PhD, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education; Nancy Freeman, PhD, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education.