questionA child care program has a concern about moms providing breastmilk past one year old. The concern is that what if another child drinks from the sippy cup with provided breastmilk. While unlikely, what is the consideration from a licensing perspective. Breastfeeding is strongly recommended to continue past one year, so it is important to support the families in this case. Similarly, some children are allergic or sensitive to cow’s milk and drink an alternative milk. This seems to be along the same lines.

answerThank you for your question breastfeeding milk in a sippy cup. Child Care Center DSS Regulation 114-509A(3)(a) states cups and bottles shall be labeled with the child’s name and used only by that child. Therefore, if the sippy cup has breastmilk, cow’s milk, or an alternative milk in it, that bottle or cup must be labeled with the child’s name and only used by that child. The center shall have a supervision plan in place in order to ensure children are not drinking out of other children’s bottles or sippy cups, no matter what’s in that bottle or cup.