I hear so many stories about the dangers of immunizations. How do I know if they are safe?

Vaccines available today are safer than ever and have virtually eradicated many illnesses.  Before a vaccine is approved, it goes through rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness. While some children may have a reaction after receiving an immunization, such as a slight fever or swelling at the injection site, these reactions are usually mild and do not last long.  The greatest risks from immunizations actually come when children are not immunized.  Immunizations not only protect the child, but they protect everyone who comes in contact with the child.  Parents are always encouraged to discuss their concerns with their child’s doctor.  For information about immunizations, visit http://health.state.ga.us/programs/immunization/ or http://www.healthychildren.org/english/safety-prevention/immunizations/Pages/default.aspx

Seema Csukas, M.D., Ph.D.