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2016 Advanced Training

Early Experiences Last a Lifetime: The Impact of Relationships in Developing Brain Architecture

March 7 – 8, 2016

Day 1 brought together participants from multiple disciplines to review findings from the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES), examine the role relationships play in mitigating trauma, and identify strategies to strengthen protective factors for infant mental health.

Day 2 was designed exclusively for PITC-trained trainers and professionals in early care and education. We discussed strategies and resources for infant/toddler care teachers as partners in creating a community of support for young children and their families.

Many thanks to our partners at the SC DSS Division of Early Care and Education who provided funding that makes it possible for SCPITC to provide scholarships to PITC-trained trainers, and offer in-state residents of South Carolina reduced registration fees.

Below please find presentation materials from the SCPITC Advanced Training on Monday, March 7th, and additional resources.

Elita Amini Virmani, PhD, WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies

Brain Development and Nurturing Relationships

Melissa Strompolis, PhD and Melanie Morse, Children’s Trust of SC

Adverse Childhood Experiences:  What the SC Data Tells Us

Holly Wilcher, ICF International,  State Capacity Building Center/Infant Toddler Specialist Network

Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Call to ActionPlease 

Additional Resources:




Below please find presentation materials from the SCPITC Advanced Training on Tuesday, March 8th, and additional resources.


Elita Amini Virmani, PhD, WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies 

Holly Wilcher, ICF International, State Capacity Building Center/Infant Toddler Specialist Network

The Heath and Well-Being of Early Childhood Educators: A need for compassion and commitment

Additional Resource Links from Holly Wilcher




Mindfulness Resources



Contemplative Teaching Resources